Monday, August 12, 2013

McGuinty Exit #2

Reposted from BlueLikeYou June 11, 2013

Yeah I know. You thought he had already left. No, apparently he was still drawing taxpayer $$$ as the MPP for Ottawa South and showing up for a couple of confidence votes except for today. But now this is it. The Grand Finale (if we can believe him). Was there EVER a worse Premier than Dalton McGuinty? Ten years of misery. And fellow Ontarians, how and why did you manage to keep him in power so long??? Mcguinty_work_done  
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Update Another terrific column by Scott Stinson! McGuinty quits, again, to avoid talking - NP And this column by John Ivison is relevant if you consider how much unions are in control of Ontario today - and how the same thing could happen to the whole of Canada under the federal NDP: Don’t believe Thomas Mulcair’s clap-trap about the NDP not serving special interests (Post). Sorry if you hit paywalls on the above articles. Liberals buy union votes with taxpayers' cash in elementary teachers deal - Blizzard, Sun

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