Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Don Drummond's Bad Cop Report

Reposted from Blue Like You (Feb. 16, 2012)

Back in November of last year I alluded to the possiblity that we were all being set up for a Good Cop Bad Cop scenario with Don Drummond. Reader Jon has fleshed out that theory in light of yesterday's release of Drummond's report:
...The economist gives his advice on how much needs to be cut knowing that the premier is not going to adopt all of those recommendations and, as a result, instead of having McLiar’s 7 or 10 or even 12% compared to the 3.9% spending cuts brought in by Harris, whom he so viciously attacked from the opposition benches, he will compare his cuts to the 16% recommended by Drummond. This will also establish a narrative for the Consensus Media to run with. Instead of emphasizing how the cuts are double or even tripple that of Harris’, they too will compare it to Drummond’s recommendations, joining with McLiar in saying “things could be worse, the cuts could’ve been deeper, you know!”
Jon has much more available at the link. Please check it out and discuss here. Have we all been 'had'?
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Update Brutally frank column by Kelly McParland - Don Drummond catalogues the McGuinty mess in meticulous detail. (H/T Newsbeat 1) Was Don Drummond merely a pawn? Read this Star column by Robert Benzie:
...But Liberal insiders told the Star the report presents a “worst-case scenario” that could give the government political cover when less dramatic cuts are made later this year. That is not what Drummond wanted to hear. “This is not a smorgasbord from which the government can choose only the tastiest morsels and ignore the less palatable,” he said.
Terence Corcoran has a must-read column in the FP - The Big McGuinty switch. Did Don Drummond know he would be part of a shell-game?

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