Monday, June 06, 2011

Of protests and civil disobedience

(Reposted from Blue Like You June 6, 2011)

At first I was planning to protest Brigette DePape's protest by ignoring it, but some interesting angles are aligning.

Namely we have a front page story in today's National Post about 62-year-old Linda Gibbons who has spent 10 of the past 17 years in jail for being too close to abortion clinics. She has just been released and is trying to behave long enough to be able to visit her elderly mother. Then she vows to continue her protests and civil disobedience and will probably end up back behind bars as a consequence of her actions.

And what happened to Brigette DePape as a consequence of her protest and advocacy of civil disobedience in order to 'Stop Harper'?

She was immediately fired from her job as a Senate Page which was due to end in two months anyway. Now the job offers are flooding in, including one from Public Service Alliance of Canada. and even one from Michael Moore! Well I guess that's not so surprising.

I would love to ask both women how they think their protests will accomplish their respective goals?

In Linda Gibbons' case I suspect she is hoping to save one tiny life at a time; possibly by offering counsel to women on their way in for abortions.

But Brigette DePape is not happy with the election results and wants to "Stop Harper". I assume she realizes that this is a majority mandate and that there won't be another election for four years.

So how exactly does Ms. Pape intend to "Stop Harper"? Is that not some kind of implied threat? I hope some brave journalist out there has the cojones to ask her that one.


Sandy said...

Good, well at least you got today's post.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yeah for sure. I just had this feeling that I should copy it here. Whew!

Liz J said...

Gremlins at BLY?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Hi Liz. Glad you found your way here. It's just the same old problem: server issues.

I've redirected anyone trying to find Blue Like You to come here for now. The other site is permanently disabled and we are in the process of setting up a new home.

During the summer I'm going to concentrate on setting up a backup site on Wordpress.

Anonymous said...

I'm just a bit curious about Ms Depape's contention that Canada needs an "Arab Spring". Is she advocating a violent revolt to over-throw the just elected by a majority of voters Conservative government, because the other Parties lost the election over ideas?

Are any elected members of the HoC or Senate publicly supporting her call to arms, so to speak? If so, are they not going against their oath that they swore to when taking their seats in either the Senate or HoC?

What she did, in my view, was surrepticiously infiltrate a Canadian insititution via her privileged employment position and detonate an explosive device, but in this case sans explosifs. That makes it "OK" in some people's view, but it was "for the cause", whatever that might be. So, what was "the cause"?

For whom did she do it for, because it wasn't her idea, that I'm sure of? Who are her supporters? The CBC, CTV or Bell Globemedia, the "usual" perpetually aggrieved sore losers of the last couple of elections?

She espouses violent insurrection and then carries out a symbolic attack upon a Canadian institution and duly elected Canadian government and walks free? Oh, she was fired from her job. She is collecting EI in the interim?

Seventy years ago, my own father shot at people that thought that way. They were called fascists, or nazis and we bombed cities full of their supporters practically every night for six years, to have what we have today. Millions died worldwide. We are still adjusting to that assault on freedom and democracy.

Ms Depape's political mentors, including some of the MSM, need a lesson in democracy. They need to be charged with sedition for even giving Ms Depape a platform for what she espouses, or voicing approval of her actions in any way shape or form.

I'm gobsmacked that the current government is giving this any sort of a pass. What message are they sending to our impressionable youth? What message are they sending to me, who voted for them?

Anonymous said...

Whew! So glad you're back up. After your comment a few days ago that sounded like you were getting fed up with blogging, I was afraid you'd thrown in the towel. This is my favourite blog, and you can NEVER stop! (just joking, but there'd be alot of sad people if you did).

Charles Adler has a great take on the Page at

Bubba said...

We need a "Arab spring" says "Ding a ling" It rhymes but makes about as much sense as Libby and Jacques.

Bubba said...

Mark Steyn as usual nails it.
re the page.

Bec said...

I love what Anony @ 1:58 said. How profound,thoughtful and brilliant is that?

Seriously, this girl should be taught a very deep lesson. They throw people in jail for pie attacks, this was an attack on everything that we stand for, those that have died, fought and she should not have been given this pulpit.

Bubba Brown said...

Just one more observation, more on the moral flabbiness of our Media Party, then the vacuous loser page.
Did any of these adoring dim bulb faux journalistas think to ask the stop sign girl if she bothered to vote in our May 2 election?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Bubba - Darn good question!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that she did - probably in a "vote mob", though.

Bubba Brown said...

Is there a voter list acessible to the public?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Hey Bubba! Feel free to join us over at Blue Like You2.