Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Canada Wins!

(Reposted from BLY May 3, 2011)

Last night's election results are the very best thing that could have happened for our country, and for each individual party except the Bloc and the ABC Press Party.

Obviously I am thrilled that we now have a strong, stable Majority Conservative government in Canada. The implications are excellent for our economic future.

But as John Ivison points out there are benefits for other parties as well - notably the NDP:
...This is the best of all possible worlds – our politics have been transformed by an energetic, young party and the election of the country’s first Green MP; the separatists have been reduced to a rump; and, the country is still in the hands of the most experienced and competent of the men who were running for the job of Prime Minister.

(John Ivison's back in my good books again.)

Yes it was a historic night for the NDP and Green Parties too.

And the Liberal party now has much-needed time to reinvent itself from the bottom up instead of constantly needing to be battle-ready, and lurching from one failed leader to the next.

Last night's biggest winner was Canada.

Lots more to discuss but I just want to savour the moment for now. Readers are welcome to share their emotions and stories as always.

Oh yeah. Congratulations Stephen Woodworth and other Conservative area incumbents. Woo-hoo! And a big shout-out to everyone who worked so hard on the campaigns. Every donation, every footstep, every phone-call, every sign - it's all so appreciated.

One big final thank you goes to the Coalition that caused this election in the first place!!!

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